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AeroPress Brew Guide

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

The greatest travel brewer ever made! One of the best overall brewers ever made. Strong statements but this amazing little device lives up to them. So simple in design, yet a million ways to make coffee with it. Its the Swiss Army Knife of coffee brewing.

The AeroPress is so amazing there is a world championship dedicated to it:

One could write a book, and some have, about the ways to brew with the AeroPress. You can find the winning recipes from the championship each year online. But that would be overkill for most people. So our guides will give you a few simple recipes to use with your AeroPress to make great coffee at home and on the go.

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Brewing Tips

  1. The AeroPress can be both incredibly simple or a way to experiment like crazy. When getting used to brewing with it, follow one recipe and consistently use the steps. Change one variable at a time (like grind size or coffee dose) until it tastes like you prefer.

  2. Try to be somewhat consistent in your stirring. More agitation = more extraction.

  3. When pressing use slow, steady pressure. There should be some resistance but it should not be hard to press. If too much pressure is required, reduced the grind size. If plunger goes down with little to no resistance, grind finer.

  4. Clean up is simple. Remove the cap and press the plunger to "pop" out the puck of ground coffee into the trash. Rinse and your ready to brew again.

Standard Upright Brewing Method

Coffee: 18 grams (for a 10 oz cup)

Grind: Medium-Fine (about 1.7 setting on Aerspeed Hand Grinder)

Water: 290 grams

Ratio: 1:16

Brew Time: 2:00-2:15

  1. Place a paper filter inside the cap and rinse with water. Or metal filter and no rinse.

  2. Attach cap to AeroPress body and place on top of the vessel you are brewing into.

  3. Add ground coffee into the AeroPress.

  4. Start your timer.

  5. Pour 50 grams of water or to the "1" mark. Give a short vigorous stir to fully saturate grounds.

  6. Let bloom for 30 seconds.

  7. Add 250 grams of water or to the top of the "4" mark. Stir a few times in random directions to thoroughly mix.

  8. Place plunger into AeroPress body.

  9. At 1:15 slowly and evenly press down on the plunger until you hear a hiss. Aim to finish pressing at 2:00-2:15.

To fill up a 12 oz thermos use the same recipe. Increase the ground coffee dose to 22 grams and water to 350 grams. If you fill up the AeroPress before using all 350 grams of water, just press out the coffee and add the remaining water to the brew.

Grinding 18 grams of beans with the Aerspeed Grinder
Weigh and grind your beans
Pre-wet filter and dump water
AeroPress Aerspeed Grinder
Add ground coffee

Pour 40 grams of water
Bloom for 30 secs
Stir vigorously, briefly

Pour 250 grams to "4"
Stir randomly, briefly
Plunge @ 1:15, finish 2:00

There are many ways to brew with the AeroPress. Follow the links below to our brew guides for these other methods. (Under constructions, links coming soon).

Inverted Method

Espresso / Fellow Prismo

Cold Brew

Kyoto Cold Drip

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